First Human Rights Activist for Nomads

Dr. Hifza Khan is the Founder and Chairperson of the Saya Khudaya Zuljalal (SKZ), a non-profit organization dedicated to the rights of underprivileged sections of the society. Being a young leader and a voice of the nomads’ human rights, she is a pioneer in building a school for nomads.

The development of a non-profit organization

SKZ organization, under the leadership of Dr. Hifza, has achieved numerous milestones and is steadily running the ongoing projects including the construction of schools, organization of Dastarkhwan and food drives, distribution of sewing machines to widows for their source of income and conduction of plantation drives in various areas of Pakistan.

SKZ Model School For Slum Children (Sabzazar, Lahore)

  • A chartered school for the slums children.
  • It also offered education to the woman about their rights to life
  • Educated young kids over sexual assaults.

SKZ Model School (Babu Sabu, Lahore)

  • Another chartered school under the belt of SKZ organization.
  • Offered free education and stationary to kids of Slum
  • Employment goal to attract females to teach over there
  • Sustainable School with zero or no waste inhibited to the environment.
  • Inclusive education promoted as the main motto.

Skill Development Program In Slum People

  • Skill development program initiated under SKZ.
  • Aims to help parents of slums learn skills and hit the unemployment
  • Left unattended by society, young guys were taught basic manners to hit jobs.

Mama's Kitchen (For Women Entrepreneurship)

  • A project initiated to match the standards of 21st century and attract the youth to own the world.
  • A goal to help women at home work by providing him services ranging from the orders and the delivery boys at their footsteps. It turned out to be a success and women who would stand the wrath of their stoves for nothing started doing it out of purpose.
  • Served the purpose to make people have a purposeful life.

Sehatmand Pakistan Project

  • Medical camps in underprivileged areas of Pakistan.
  • Free screening of Hepatitis, Diabetes.
  • Cleanliness campaigns

Green Pakistan

  • Planted 5000 plants in all over Pakistan.
  • Clean water campaigns

My projects

Doctor of Pharmacy & Founder of SKZ. A young leader, a passionate philanthropist, a successful entrepreneur, and a social activist who has been able to achieve numerous milestones towards a sustainable region.

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Saya- E- Khuda-E-Zuljalal
(Non-Profit Organization)

• Work to end up discrimination between nomad community and local community
• Organized Medical Camps
• Founded SKZ Model School
• Ration campaigns being made on full swing to support the people with unemployment amid COVID 19.
• Partnership with renowned organization like RIZQ to fight hunger.
• Fellowships offered to the students from Primary School to the High School to help them learn community services.
• Organized various literary talks on the subject of Welfare and Society.